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Untitled Car Show  Podcast
January 2017
Ike sits down with noted DC area auto journalist William West Hopper. They discuss his latest project, also talk about William’s history of unusual cars, the awesomeness of minivans, whether the Mercedes G-Wagen is worth the price, left-lane hogs, real Jeeps, real Porsches, and whether two-stroke Saabs were actually refugees from the Soviet Union. 
Around the Benz

Northern Virginia Magazine, July 2010 


William West Hopper, the avuncular section president, looks only slightly anomalous amid the sleek sports cars as he cruises the staging area on a Segway, surveying the 63 registered drivers and 50-plus cars that have been checked in for today’s competition. “That’s a lot for us,” Hopper says from his motorized perch. “I think people must be here for Barrie’s cake.”


Hopper is a self-employed art installer and an independent Segway consultant (a-ha) in Washington who competes in a 1997 Mercedes-Benz C280. It’s a nice enough four-door sedan, but a race car? And that’s the point: The daylong races against the clock are more about camaraderie and developing driving skills than showing off expensive, midlife crisis toys.


WBAL - July 16 2008


Baltimore Maryland Radio personaity C4 has its first ride on a Segway Personal Transporter.


While Chesapeake Regional Director for Segway, the many opportunities for training local  and national celebrities, as well as military and law enforcement personel, often provided interesting moments, like this one available on YouTube.