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I'm of the late baby boomer generation who appreciates the life we have here in the USA with opportunities that only we can provide for ourselves.  Growing up in rural Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia, the only child of a working Mom, from whom I learned to be self-sufficient. Passions in my life are my relationships, my pets and automobiles.

Starting my career in corporate America after college, I quickly learned that I enjoy working on creative projects and started my own business in 1998.  Focused on architectural historic preservation and interior design, this business quickly grew into a marketing business that combined publishing, journalism with a focus on lifestyle.



I have developed a way of putting together the pieces of the puzzle in ways that may not have been imagined before. Be it organizing events, developing marketing plans or managing a group of individuals with a variety of talents.  Connecting talents and skills of others in putting together the best team possible to complete the goals of the task at hand. Knowing where to source both supplies and talent to successfully execute whatever project I am working on.


As a creative out-of-the box thinker who approaches situations from a variety of perspectives. My hands-on talents are enhanced by an understanding the importance of design and execution.  Networking within a variety of communities, developing knowledge of available resources, supplies and talent. And a communicator who seeks out and understands the expertise and knowledge of others.


Check out WWH Restoration, which provides interior designers and architects art and furniture installation services. Exclusive Estate Sales, which provides consulting on deaccession of items from fine antiques to day-to-day household belongings. WWH Communications provides automotive and lifestyle journalism, through Queer4Cars as well as project management to enthusiast organizations.  Publications such as "A Guide to Washington’s Thrift and Consignment Shops" and various resource books on designer and other talent have been well received by the press and consumers alike.


My goals are always to be current and be able to change and grow as the climate changes. Never accepting good enough or what has always been done, he is always open to new ideas, looking for better ways to accomplish a task.

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